Best Selfie Drone Review 2022 & Buyers Guide

Now you can take selfies in a completely different perspective thanks to selfie drones.

With the latest craze of drones, there is a new way of now taking selfies, know as Dronies.  This being the mixture of drones and selfies. Here we've put together we think is the best selfie drone

Nowadays you are able to share things so quickly and easily.  Photos and videos are becoming so common in our daily lives.

Now with selfie drones you can bring a whole new perspective on what is now possible to capture both with photos and videos. This is the next thing up from selfie sticks.  Imagine being somewhere and wanting an amazing group photo or video, and just being able to pull out your little selfie drone from your pocket. It just opens up so many exciting new ways of capturing them special moments.

Imagine your rowing down a lovely canal where you can have your drone follow you.  This would capture every moment of your journey.

If you are one for more extreme activities, like climbing a mountain you could get some amazing images that wouldn't be possible unless you have a helicopter!

Recommended selfie drones 2022 in no particular order

The DJI Spark selfie drone

DJI spark drone 2019

The DJI Spark is a great candidate for best selfie drone it only weighs 300 grams which is rather impressive.

It's a very easy to use and fly drone with the ability to take off and land on the palm of your hand. It is easy to control via your hand palm gesture.  You can use your smart phone or just the controller itself.

It also has groundbreaking technology including face recognition and gesture control that allows you to take photos and selfies with just gesturing to the dji spark.

With this ease of use, even if you haven't owned a drone before can get it up and running with ease.  With the ability to take dronies just by hand gestures, it really is that easy.

The spark has a gimbal which makes sure the imagine is fully stabilized at all times.  This is so you know you will have that excellent selfie without fail.

Best selfie drone Control options

DJI Spark is autonomous and it uses several smart controls, including when the drone recognizes your face and lifts from your hand.

And using the gesture control to take photos is something that not many drones can do, so very groundbreaking technology that other drones will start to incorporate in the future for sure.

The three main control options that the spark uses are smartphone to fly the drone, Hand gestures also DJI have a controller for the Spark.


  • Selfie Features -PalmLaunch, Gesture control, Quickshot
  • Flight Time – 16 min
  • Camera – 12 MP shots, 1/23” sensor, f/2.6 wide angle lens and mechanical gimbal.
  • Range – 2 km
  • Speed – 31 mph
  • GPS – US GPS and Russian GLONASS Satellites


  • Camera –  even though it´s 1080p video , it looks and stabilizes excellent with the Gimbal. 
  • Groundbreaking gesture based technology – Take photos by gesturing to the drone.
  • Palm launch
  • Active Track – Spark is a drone that can follow you around and shoots video.
  • Cons

    Flight time of 16 minutes max might not be enough for some.

    DJI Mavic Pro Selfie Drone

    The Mavic is another drone by DJI. It is one of the top favorites in the drone world, with amazing specs and filled with all the tech you will ever need in a selfie drone.

    The Mavic is packed with lot of tech, from the Active track, once you set it up it will track that object or person. With that there is the obstacle avoidance sensing, flight autonomy then you have the absolute flight autonomy, and more.

    It now uses the new Ocusync transmission for up to a massive 7km of transmission range for when you want to strech it's legs (blades)

    Battery life is 27 minutes which is pretty good compared to the Spark of only 16 minutes, so if longer flying times are important to you then this is a good candidate.

    With a true 4k camera with full HD 1080p that is stabilized with a 3-axis mechanical stabilizer system, you know the images you get back will be high quality.

    Controlling the Mavic is with the controller which can work up to 7Km or with your smartphone. You also have gesture mode for taking photos. It also comes with a 16gb memory card which is fine for photos and to get started, however once you start recording in 4K you will easily fill that up.


    • Flight Time – 27 minutes
    • Video Quality – Up to C4K (HD, UHD, 4K, C4K)
    • Photo Quality – 12.7MP
    • Range – 8 Miles (13km)
    • Charging Time – 70 minutes
    • GPS – US GPS and Russian GLONASS Satellites
    • Optical Sensors – Yes (5 Vision Position Sensors)
    • Obstacle Avoidance – Yes
    • Size – 83mm X 83mm X 198mm (folded)
    • Battery – 3830 mAh 11.4V 43.6 Wh (Lipo 3S)


  • Good long flight time of up to 27 minutes.
  • Fold away blades so packs away small
  • 4k video
  • Comes with a 16gb memory card
  • Cons

  • Not the cheapest drone for taking selfies

  • Wingsland S6 RC Drone

    The wingland S6 is another selfie drone that can shoot in 4K.  It is also one of the thinnest drones on the market Wingsland claim it is the most powerful selfie drone available right now!

    The on-board tech includes a 4k camera for drone selfies which can be controlled by gestures and obstacle avoidance which is becoming ever more popular and common now.

    If you prefer your selfie drone to be a bit more vibrant color wise you do get a bit more choice than the standard white and black of most drones.  Options include blue, yellow, orange, or the military look of camouflage for them special selfie drone missions!

    Control options

    Control options with the S6 are either your smartphone or the controller itself.  With the smartphone option you do get the choice of four different flying modes via the app. It also features a clever simulator mode so you can practice and get used to the control before even taking off.

    The app does give you a lot of setting up options and the smart functions. You can also see the battery life, strength of your signal and the number of satellite connections. You can use the auto take off and landing function from your app.

    Camera and video quality

    The camera is 13MP with a 3 axis electronic image stabilization (EIS) The video is 4k ultra HD @ 30 fps you have 1080p HD at 60 fps also 60 fps in 720p HD for less file size.

    The drone has a tracking feature called "follow me" which is perfect for when you want to take a dronie.


    • Selfie Features – High Precision Barometer, Follow-Me mode, 13MP Camera + 3-axis EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization)
    • Flight Time – 7 – 10 minutes
    • Video Quality – 4K (ULTRA HD @ 30 FPS), 1080P (FULL HD @ 60 FPS), 720P (HD @ 60 FPS)
    • Photo Quality – 13MP
    • Range – 100m
    • Charging Time – 120 minutes
    • Obstacle Avoidance – Yes (Omnidirectional Acoustic-Based)
    • Return To Home – Yes
    • GPS – GPS and GLONASS Dual Satellite Navigation
    • Ultrasonic Sensors – Yes (2)
    • Size – 13.8cm X 7.9cm X 2.7cm (folded arms)
    • Battery – 1400 mAh 7.6V 10.64Wh (2S Lipo)


  • 4K ultra HD video
  • Return to home flight
  • electronic image stabilization
  • Cons

  • Flight time of only 7-10 minutes

  • Yuneec Breeze Drone

    Yaneec's Breeze drone would work well as a selfie drone even though it's not officially a selfie drone. However it works very well as one to take your dronie.

    Video and photo specs

     The video and image specs are very similar to the Wingsland S6, it can shot video in Ultra HD 4K with still photos of 13MP and a live transmission feed of 720p.

    Flying modes

    With 5 different flying modes. 

    In pilot mode you have the most control of your drone as this is more the manual flying mode, with either a controller or your phone via the breeze cam app.

    Selfie mode is it's a breeze (excuse the pun)to get the perfect dronie , you can set up the altitude, distance and position sliders to have the drone poisoned perfectly for your selfie video or photo.

    Orbit mode allows you to let breeze orbit around an object of you, so the drone will orbit around, you can have it orbit left or right and also pause it in a any position you want.

    Journey mode allows you to use the selfie modes interface so you can position the drone, then with the camera pitch that tells the drone the angle you want it to fly at then you can say how far it goes.

    Follow me mode is another great mode to capture great memory's you manually fly breeze to where you want it to follow you from then it will react to your movements and follow you along capturing what ever you want. 

    With a built in indoor positioning sensor to make flying indoors and position hold for both indoor and outdoor far easier. The return to home button is something that is very common with drones to make sure you always have a save returned drone.

    Flying time is an average of up to 15 minutes, not the longest but also not the shortest flying time.


    • Vertically pivotable premium 4K UHD camera with high-class Ambarella chipset
    • Video resolution: 3840 x 2160 pixels
    • Photo resolution: 4160 x 3120 (13 MP)
    • Control is via smart device including 720p live image
    • Perfect indoor and outdoor stability thanks to it's GPS and IPS sensor system with optical flow
    • Share images and videos directly via social media
    • Removable, rechargeable LiPo battery and charger included
    • It follows you whenever you want and wherever you go, lands with the flick of a switch, flies around you or slowly flying away from you and towards you (auto flight modes Selfie, Follow Me, Orbit, Journey, Return Home)
    • Live stream function (only for iOS)
    • FPV & Controller Kit, available separately


  • Return to home function
  • Follow me mode
  • Fold-able props
  • Cons

  • Live stream function only for iOS
  • No obstacle avoidance


    This JJRC Eflie does have some similarities to the EACHINE E50, in that a lot of the features are the same, also the Elfie also uses the WIFI UFO app.

    This is the perfect drone if your on a very tight budget and you want to get in to taking selfies with drones or just getting into flying drones and doing some photography

    video quality isn't full HD but 720p so not the full definition of of 1080p HD which does reflect in the price.

    Flight time is in the region of 8 to 15 minutes with a charging time of 45 minutes to fully charge so a couple of spare battery's would be worth having.

    Flight options are Altitude hold so you can get the perfect selfie while the drone holds the altitude for you

    With the control using your smartphone and with FPV (first person view) on your smartphones screen.


    • Flight Time – 8 to 15 minutes
    • Video Quality – 720P @25 Fps (NOT HD)
    • Range – 40m – 100m (closer = more control)
    • Charging Time – 45 minutes
    • GPS – No
    • Optical Sensors – No
    • Size – 13.5cm X 6.5cm X 2.5cm (folded arms)
    • Battery – 3.7V 500mAh 20c


  • Value for money
  • Altitude hold
  • Cons

  • Not full HD video
  • No GPS

  • ZEROTECH DOBBY Mini Selfie Drone

    The Dobby mini drone does have some nice features for a pocket size drone, that only weighs 199 grams so under the minimum for FAA registration. It's so tiny once folded down it will fit in your back pocket.

    Drone Control

    controlling the dobby is with your smartphone using the swipe function, or you can use your phones motion sensor to direct your selfie drone.

    Video and photos

    Images are 13MP that uses a 4K image acquisition with 1080p HD video that has a digital video 3-axis stabilizer, so you know you will always get nicely in focused images and video. With the camera capable of facial recognition, target tracking with a 10 second auto follow for short video shooting.

    One key short Movie

    Dobby allows you to shot your portraits as well as landscape in a cinematic effect to get that perfect dronnie.

    Target Tracking Shooting

    You can set dobby to follow an object to make that creative video with ease.

    Orbit Shooting

    with 360°shooting it allows to to center on preset objects.

    Flying time of the drone is up to 9 minutes, so a little on the low side so wold be worth investing in some spare batteries. The range of the dooby is 100 meters about 330 feet which is plenty high enough when taking photos or video of objects on the ground.


  • 3-axis stabilization
  • tiny fits in your back pocket
  • Cons

  • flight time is a little low

    Selfie drones are the new way of taking selfies called dronies, they are very intuitive in the way they interact with you using gesture control, and a few other way to interact with your drone, they are like a photographer electronic pet.

    They are like regular drones with a bit more emphasis on taking selfies photos and videos, with facial recognition and being able to follow the activity you're doing to capture that image or video so you've always got a unique photo of video that you wouldn't normally be able to capture.


    first and foremost you want image stabilization so you know your images you take will be nice and sharp without any blurriness. Altitude hold is a worthwhile feature so you can just let the drone stay and the perfect altitude for that perfect dronnie.

    You want a good camera on your drone, you'd be disappointed if you got an amazing photo or video to find the quality has ruined what you captured. So a high megapixel camera with some sort of stabilization is a must.

    Follow me is another feature that's worth thinking about when looking for buy a selfie drone, as it will follow you taking video or photos while you're doing an activity. You can just set it and not have to worry about flying it while you're enjoying what your doing.