Cheerson CX 10 review

Mini and Micro Drones are perfect for kids and flying indoors. The Cheerson CX 10 Mini Drone is ideal for rainy days.

I purchased a light blue mini drone on a whim while shopping for other things on Amazon (Hate it when I do that!). I didn't actually give it much thought as the drone isn't a lot of money, so it was more like an impulse purchase So this is my Cheerson CX-10 review.

cheerson CX 10 mini drone

What I didn't realise was how fun the Cheerson CX-10 is for the kids! We've had the drone for about two weeks, and they've flown it indoors primarily. One of their favourite things to do is to create a track around the basement (it's a finished basement). They put up chairs and other obstacles to fly around. Using a stopwatch, they see who can fly the fastest around the course.

This drone gives the kids about 4 minutes of flight time and about 20 minutes to recharge (using a 2.1A wall charger). Good thing I bought a couple 5-packs of extra batteries!

The Cheerson CX-10 drone is perfect for kids who are bored on a rainy day

While the Cheerson CX-10 still requires some skill to fly, it's amazingly stable and nimble.

Kids love playing with it, and I love the fact that the rotor blades aren't powerful enough to cut skin or mark up the walls or other surfaces.

The controller's keypad is the same color as the drone, allowing up to four to be flown at once (We've purchased three more one for each kid and me). It's small, but still easy enough to hold in adult hands, and feels a bit like a game controller just smaller.

The kids use the Cheerson CX 10 as night lights!

It's pretty unconventional, I know, but at night, they love the blue (front LEDs) and red (rear LEDs) glowing in their bedrooms at night. The lights last for about an hour (because the drone isn't flying, it will stay on longer), which is long enough for them to fall asleep.

I came across a video on YouTube claiming that the Cheerson CX-10 can actually carry an action cam as payload. I have an SJ4000 Action Cam (GoPro Clone), so I immediately grabbed it and followed along. Sure enough, The Cheerson CX 10 can fly with the SJ4000 strapped to its belly. I'll tell you, you lose quite a bit of speed and agility, due to the extra weight. If you put a piece of foam between the camera and drone, it actually dampens vibration and reduces the noise a bit. The end result is a smoother video with less blade noise (although there is still a lot). The battery is only good for about 3 minutes, however, due to the added weight.

sj400 gopro for micro quadcopter

The drones are so small and light, they don't even need to be registered with the FAA. I still put my FAA ID on the drone anyway, more for identification purposes.

I have actually taken the Cheerson CX-10 to work to have a bit of fun. I have an office that's next to the cubicle floor. For much of the morning, instead of sending inter-company emails, I was flying post it notes to coworkers! Three other guys at the office have since ordered theCheerson CX 10s as well.

Its the perfect drone for fun. Also check out micro quadcopter review