DJI Spark Review 2020 & Buyers guide

DJI spark drone 2020

The DJI Spark is tiny.  It weighs only 300 grams which is about .62 pounds. It is less than half the weight off the Mavic pro which is 734 grams. DJI spark is so light that it is almost lighter than FAA requirement to register a drone which is 0.55 pounds.

Technology of the DJI Spark

Don't let the light weight of the DJI Spark fool you. It does feel sturdy. It's packed with lots of technology.

It can reach speeds of 31mph which is 50kph.  It has forward sensors and downward sensors and 3D sensing so it avoids obstacles.

With the precision hovering and precision landing, it can return home.  It has intelligent flight mode and a gimbal.  This provides effective stabilization of the camera.  The camera on that gimbal has 25-millimeter F2.6 aperture lens 12 megapixels one over 2.3 in CMOS sensor and it can shoot full HD 1920 to 1080 30 FPS video.

It's also powered by a 1483 cell lithium polymer battery which gives the DJI spark a 16 minute flight time.

Control options

You can control it with its own remote controller that is going to come out soon.  You can use your phone or you can use your palm. With the remote control it has 2,000 meters range and with WiFi the range is 80 meters in distance and 50 meters in height.  It also works with goggles.

Palm control

Flying the spark in the palm mode you need to turn on the drone, point it towards your face and double click the power button.  When the drone detects a face, the front lights turn green and it makes a beeping sound.  The propeller then starts turning and it slowly takes off from your hand.  Then when you put your palm up, after the front lights turn green again, it starts following your palm.  You can rotate and push-pull to bring it higher or lower and when you put your palm underneath the Spark it gently lands into your palm.

Quick shots

The quick shot is a new intelligent mode that comes with the dji spark.  It allows you to shoot 4 different 10 seconds video clips. Every quick shot mode tracks a target while performing a maneuver in dronie mode.

Dronie mode the DJI spark can track you while flying backward and upwards creating shots, this kind of shot normally requires a lot of experience to perform manually.

DJI Spark Circle mode

Circle mode DJI spark circles around the target.  The radius of that circle is the distance between the drone and the target when you hit go and start the circle mode. It can circle around you and you can see yourself being tracked on the phone as well.

Helix mode

In helix mode the drone flys away upwards and spiraling I would be hard to perform this manually and this smooth.

Rocket mode

The rocket mode it ascends while pointing the camera downwards.

Shallow focus mode

The shallow focus is when you move the camera and have the something in the background. So when you take a photo the drone moves up and down to achieve shallow focus successfully.

After you shoot the shallow focus photo you go into your photos.  This will be indicated with this aperture logo and you can select this.  The download creates a shallow focus photo where it focuses on an an object behind you.  You can select this and select where you want it to focus.

Here is a video of the basic run down of features the dji spark has.

The DJI Spark really does pack a great punch for such a lightweight drone I hope with review has helped you decide whether this is the drone for you.